Lorraine Devon Wilke

Lorraine Devon Wilke

Sass & sensibility in equal doses.

Devon Wilke's writing is focused on the creative arenas - film, theater, fiction, music; art - as well as politics, culture, and human interest. Visit www.lorrainedevonwilke.com for links & details.

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Books for a Road Trip and Beyond by Lorraine Devon Wilke

In my new novel, Hysterical Love, the protagonist, Dan, finds himself floundering after a series of major life events, and sets off a road trip in a quest for answers. Which left me thinking about what books are perfect for a road trip, yet fit specifically into the narrative of Hysterical Love? Certainly any road trip is ripe for good reading, but a major element of Dan’s character is that he’s the son of a retired American Literature teacher, one who endowed him with a love of words and books, and turned him into an avid reader of both classics and contemporary fiction. Compiling a Hysterical Love reading list becomes, then, a simple task of literary intuition!