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Devon Wilke's writing is focused on the creative arenas - film, theater, fiction, music; art - as well as politics, culture, and human interest. Visit www.lorrainedevonwilke.com for links & details.

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2014 08 31 stylinpeteking2 thumb article

Stylin' With Pete King or How To Dress For a World in Crisis | Lorraine Devon Wilke

Metaphor or moronic, the comments have made their mark on society. And perhaps Rep. King has done us the service of bringing to the fore some stylin' tips we could all put to good use. It all comes down to the color of your suit. So pay attention. And think of Stylin' Pete King the next time you're standing in the front of the mirror deciding, "and what color should I wear today?" Beige, we've covered. :)