Lorraine Devon Wilke

Lorraine Devon Wilke

Sass & sensibility in equal doses.

Devon Wilke's writing is focused on the creative arenas - film, theater, fiction, music; art - as well as politics, culture, and human interest. Visit www.lorrainedevonwilke.com for links & details.

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Opinion: Abby Sunderland and the Art of Parenting

(June 14) -- And so she's been rescued and we all heave a sigh of relief. The image of a petite, blond, quite young Valley girl floating alone in the raucous depths of the Indian Ocean was far too muc...

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Opinion: Nothing Compares to Empty Nest Syndrome

(July 27) -- Mortarboards have been thrown, transcripts sent, dorm walls measured, orientation trips planned. All set. Good to go. Congrats on the success, good luck on the next chapter and, woo-hoo, ...