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Lorraine Devon Wilke

Sass & sensibility in equal doses.

Devon Wilke's writing is focused on the creative arenas - film, theater, fiction, music; art - as well as politics, culture, and human interest. Visit www.lorrainedevonwilke.com for links & details.

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Gatsby book display article

GATSBY BOOKS: Supporting Indie Bookstores That (Truly) Support Indie Authors | After the Sucker Punch

Does that distinction seem strange? Were you thinking: doesn’t every indie bookstore support indie authors? Isn’t that an integral part of their mission statement? Isn’t that why so many people shout “save your independent bookstore!!”, friends urge friends to shop local and little, and mega-millonaire authors like James Patterson pledge hard, cold cash to help save this beleaguered business model from extinction?

Writer author copy article

Writer or Author? What To Call Whom and Other Industry Silliness | After the Sucker Punch

From AfterTheSuckerPunch.com: According to our parsing pundit, the title of “author” applies only within this very limited parameter: a writer who makes a living with the books they write. Their full-time living. No side-jobs. No article writing, copyediting, babysitting; mowing of the neighbor’s lawn, or even the occasional catering gig. If there is any under-the-table commerce unrelated to the business of the book, well then, they are not an author. They are just a writer.

Chelsea cain1 article

Author Chelsea Cain and the Fickle Finger of Social Media | After the Sucker Punch

Any public figure who chooses to engage on social media does so knowing the medium is a mixed blessing. While it can build readership, engender good will, make fans feel “special” by being able to connect with a celebrity, it is, after all… the Internet.

Reading atsp article

The Fact of Fiction: AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH Keeps Readers Guessing | After the Sucker Punch

What if readers presume a fictional tale is true? That characters are based on real people, that plot lines follow the trajectory of a real life; that resolutions, transformations, and denouements mirror the realities of the writer? That makes for fascinating, if occasionally misguided, discussion...

Gw publishing article

Mark Barry of Green Wizard Publishing Has Some Words About AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH

When I cyber-met Mark Barry, UK author/blogger/publisher @ Green Wizard Publishing, via another very thoughtful writer I shared some appreciation for in The Kindness of Strangers… Meet Brenda Perli......

Std kindle 2 article

SHE TUMBLED DOWN: The "Welcome To Autumn 99¢ Sale"

SHE TUMBLED DOWN: The "Welcome To Autumn 99¢ Sale" You know the fever pitch people get into once we hit June and the chatter starts about "summer reading lists" and the like? In fact, as soon as Me......

Vromans bookstore article

Hey, After The Sucker Punch, You Look REAL Good Up On That Book Shelf...

Hey, After The Sucker Punch, You Look REAL Good Up On That Book Shelf... Oh, isn't it just the dream of every writer to see their book up on the shelf of a real, live, brick & mortar bookstore,......

Atsp lemonade stand article

ONE WEEKEND ONLY! The 'After The Sucker Punch 99¢ Sale'

ONE WEEKEND ONLY! The 'After The Sucker Punch 99¢ Sale' The art of attracting new readers, readers who might not have already noticed your work, your book, your good reviews; your stellar prose, is......

Read your novel article

OK, Let's Discuss This Whole Book Review Thing... Please

I spent some time chatting with a group of writers today, discussing a topic that seems to not only be tripping up indie authors in a variety of ways, but contributing to the persistence of stigmas......

Trailer image1 article

A Trailer Sets the Stage... For the Book That Tells the Story

  There are a great many ways in which projects, businesses, organizations, movies, songs, and books are introduced to the world, marketed into the cultural zeitgeist. Media – in all its forms......